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New Book: Making Roots

September 8, 2015


I am currently working on a book tentatively titled, Making Roots: How an Epic Book and Television Miniseries Made History and Why Roots Still Matters, which will be published in summer 2016 by University of California Press.  This is the first book length study of Roots. Roots, published by Doubleday in the fall of 1976 […]

New Book: Why Busing Failed

September 4, 2015

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My new book, Why Busing Failed: Race, Media, and the National Resistance to School Desegregation, will be published in February 2016 by University of California Press.  Read introduction here: Delmont – Why Busing Failed – Introduction. Abstract In the decades after Brown v Board of Education, busing became one of the nation’s most controversial civil rights issues. […]

Bio & CV

June 26, 2015

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Dr. Matthew Delmont has lectured widely on topics including African-American history, mixed race identity, the Obama presidency, hip hop, oral history, and social media, as well as the histories of the subjects that are at the heart of The Nicest Kids in Town, civil rights, television, rock ‘n’ roll, urban history, youth culture, and historical memory. For […]

The Nicest Kids in Town

June 26, 2015

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American Bandstand, one of the most popular television shows ever, broadcast from Philadelphia in the late fifties, a time when that city had become a battleground for civil rights. Counter to host Dick Clark’s claims that he integrated American Bandstand, this book reveals how the first national television program directed at teens discriminated against black […]


June 26, 2015

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I became a Professor because I love teaching. As a teacher, I want my students to see the study of history as an ongoing endeavor in which they play an important part.  I create hands-on courses that provide spaces for students to develop their own ideas and opinions through primary source research, critical thinking, reading, […]

Digital Project

June 26, 2015

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Learn more about the book by checking out the The Nicest Kids in Town digital project.  As you navigate this site, you will be able to view over 100 images and video clips related to my book project, including American Bandstand memorabilia, newspaper clippings regarding protests of American Bandstand, photographs from high school yearbooks, and video clips from American […]

In the Media

June 26, 2015

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Matt Delmont,“Clark Aided Blacks on Bandstand? Not Always,” Washington Post & The Root (4/22/2012)   Democracy Now! interview with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez (3/2/2012). See video below. Click here for interview transcript.   “Left of Black” interview with Mark Anthony Neal of Duke University (5/14/2012). See video below.   CNN Headline News Local Edition […]


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